Structural Anatomies
Solo Exhibition, Cabrillo Art Gallery, Santa Cruz, Ca
Until October 26th, Artist Talk and Reception October 17th

At the beginning of 2018, I spent 5 weeks on a printmaking fellowship at the Scuola Internazionale di Grafica in Venice Italy.

My arrival in Venice coincided with the completion of a print  for a themed portfolio responding to the impact of rising global sea levels on our infrastructure, and so landing on an island surrounded, and often inundated, by water, was timely. Venice, and its the proximity to the Adriatic and Mediterranean, also brought to mind the continuing tragedy of migrant crossings that continue in that part of the world, the cost to human life and its political ramifications.

My work has always centered in my response to my immediate environment, and Venice offered me a very different experience to the contemporary urban norms of my usual surroundings.

Embracing a more fluid approach to my work during the residency, I became interested in exploring how the quality of light affected the constantly shifting patterns of the water along the canals and in the lagoon itself , and how the nature of the water can change, from benign to threatening, depending on the conditions. 

Large and derelict billboards found around San Francisco and the Bay Area, California.
Large gas containment and storage structures, mostly from the Victorian era, can be found across the UK, but are rapidly disappearing.