Jenny Robinson's work is informed by her immediate environment, where she lives, works and goes has a direct impact on the subject matter she is drawn to.

Her Studio in San Francisco is based in an area of postindustrial decline, populated by architecture that is on the periphery of people’s vision, abandoned and forgotten. Her work for the past 2 decades has been a personal documentation of the  past, present and future of her own rapidly changing environment.

Recent work includes

An on-going series of experimental constructs, which explores ways to transform familiar and recognizable structures, by deconstructing  and manipulating them into architectural images which exceed themselves to become more visually ambiguous.

'Parcel - Hunters Point' 
A new prjectedseries of large works concerned with documenting the changes and effects that gentrification is having on the marginalized and historic area around Robinson's Studio at The Hunters point Shipyard.