Luce Liquida 2018

This Book was made during my recent Fellowship Residency at the Scuola Internatizonale de Grafica, Venice,Italy, in the winter months of 2018.


Luce liquida

H10” x W20”

Edition 1

 Drypoint and carborundum on Gampi Japanese paper, 2018

Printed on gampi tissue to emulate the luminescence of light on water, Luce Liquida charts the effects of the constantly changing winter light on the water of the Canal Rio di San Marcuola, Venezia.

The interleaving drypoints on white paper were inspired by Jacopo de' Barbari’s rendering of water from his Map of Venice. (1500)



Infrastructure, An Entertainment

Artist Book
10" X 10" Closed 20" X 10" Open

Artist Book
10" X 10" Closed 20" X 10" Open


In 2014,  fellow Kala Artist in Residence Nancy Mintz and I  embarked on  a collaboration exploring spatial perceptions of three Dimensional  and two dimensional processes and how they can be combined to create a unified and integrated whole.




Drypoint on Okawara with wax,  folded  30" x 30"