Large and derelict billboards found around San Francisco and the Bay Area, California. DECONSTRUCTED BILLBOARDUntitled BillboardUntitled BillboardBrannan Street Billboard Diptych, Monoprint, 67"x48"Off Ramp Billboard #1, Monoprint, 52” x 31”Harrison Street Billboard, Monoprint, 47"x30"Billboard, Bryant Street Billboard, 4 Plate Etching, 36"x24"Billboard #2, Monoprint, 38"x23"Scaffold, Drypoint & Spitbite, 24"x16"Derelict #2, Helter Skelter, Monoprint, 53"x35"Grand Theatre, Monotype, 30"x30"Roller Coaster, Monoprint, 53"x35"Dipper, Drypoint and Monoprint, 30"x30"Cocktails Cocktails Beach Hut, Monoprint, 30"x30"West Pier Brighton, Monoprint, 47"x30"Ferris Brighton Pier, Monoprint, 36"x40"Water Tower Red, Monotype, 53"x35"